The company under the name of "Marmaras K. Georgios" with the discreet signal "NIKI Rent a Car a Scooter" and hereinafter called "the Lessor" hereby rents to the person signing overleaf at the space "Customer’s signature" and hereinafter called "the renter", the vehicle described overleaf hereinafter called "the said vehicle", subject to all terms and conditions of the rental agreement, which have been unreservedly accepted by the renter and have as follows:

1. The renter will return the said vehicle with all tyres, tools, accessories, and equipment to the station of the lessor in the city where said vehicle was rented and on the date and time specified overleaf or as otherwise specified overleaf or sooner upon demand of lessor. The confirmation of the exact day and hour of return of vehicle and the exact lease of the contract becomes exclusively with a document sign by a person in charge of the car rental company.

2. The renter received the said vehicle with a full tank in good order condition after he had ascertained that it met his entire satisfaction and acknowledged his liability for the cost of the gasoline consumed during rental. He also has full responsibility for any mechanical damage caused by him, as well as for any damage to the tyres due to his negligence of checking the tyre pressure and for any damage to the wheels, tyres and the underside of the car due to crash during its use.

3. The said vehicle is forbidden to be used:
     a) For any illegal transport of items or goods or for any purpose violating the Greek laws
     b) To carry passengers or properly for a consideration express or implied.
     c)To propel or low any trailer vehicle.
     d) In motor sports events (including racing, pace making, rallying, reliability teals and speed testing).
     e) By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
     f) By anyone except the renter and members of renter’s immediate family, provided that these persons will be at least 21 years old of age holding a driver’s licence of at least one year old and have obtained the lessor’s written approval.
     g) Out of Greece without the written advance authorization of the lessor.

4. The renter accepts Implicitly to pay to the lessor:
a) The kilometer charge computed at the rate specified overleaf for the kilometers covered by said vehicle during the rental period. The number of kilometers over which said vehicle shall be operated under this rental agreement shall be determined by reading the odometer installed by the manufacturer. If odometer fails, the kilometer charge snail be made in accordance with the road map distance of the journey traveled.
b) The daily time charge for the duration of the hereby rental. The special day additional charge for waiving the deductible amount provided that the renter chooses this coverage by initialling overleaf in the equivalent space. The special daily additional charge for the full coverage of the damages of the vehicle, since the renter chooses this coverage as well, by initialling overleaf in ihe equivalent space. The special dally additional charge for the full coverage of the vehicle against theft, since the renter chooses this coverage by initialling overleaf in the equivalent space. Additionally, the special daily charge for the insurance of driver's accidents and for the other passengers as well since the renter chooses this insurance by initialling overleaf in the equivalent space, as well as various other additional charges according to the rates specified overleaf.
c) A minimum charge of 100 kms per day, in accordance with the applicable price - list of the lessor.
d) The additional charge as specified overleaf for the delivery or collection of the said vehicle. It must be noted that the render is additionally charged according to the lessor’s price-list in case he will deliver or abandon the said vehicle to any place other than the specified overleaf, as well as with the fuel costs from the place of return to the place the rental has started.
e) The applicable charges for taxes and services on the cases included in above par a), b), c) and d) of the present clause.
f) All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other violation) assessed against said vehicle during the period of this rental agreement.
g) Lessor's costs including reasonable attorney’s fees, where permitted by law, incurred collecting payments due from renter hereunder.
h) Lessor's costs to repair damages to said vehicle caused by renter's responsibility during the rental period. Provided that the said vehicle has been driven according to the terms and conditions of this agreement, these costs:
i. Cannot exceed the amount of damage liability as specified in the applicable official price - list of the lessor
ii. Shall be waived if renter has accepted upon beginning of the rental the special daily additional charge for waiving the deductible amount. This renter's acceptance can be evidenced only by his initiats in the respective space overleaf.

5. The renter has the full liability for damages caused to the said vehicle at any rate and regardless of whether there is any insurance or clients acceptance of the Collision Damage Waiver in the following cases:
     a) If these damages are caused to the underside or to the wheels and tyres of the said vehicle.
    b) In case that any of the Traffic Regulations has been violated by the driver of the sad vehicle and especially violation of traffic lights, violation of the existing traffic signs, horizontal or perpendicular - marked on the road surface violation of the priority at road - crossings, violation of speed - limits, legal overtaking of another car, etc.

For the payment to the renter of any expenses paid by him regarding the rented car and for which the renter has no obligation, the renter must necessarily present to the lessor the relative of official invoice.

6. When not in use, the renter is obliged to lock the said vehicle and take all precautions to prevent it from theft.

7. The renter and any authorized operator, as per above clause No 3 participates as an insured under an insurance policy, a copy of which is available for inspection by the renter at the headquarter office of the lessor. Said insurance policy is covering, under the limits as mentioned in above clause No 3, death or bodily injuries of third parties - not riding in or upon the said vehicle, as well as properly damages of third parties - not stored in or upon the said vehicle. Up to the amounts specified by the applicable insurance Policy. The renter agrees with and is bound by the above terms and conditions. Reniei aarees further to protect the interest of I ;or and lessor’s insurance company in case of accident during this rental by:
a) Obtaining names and addresses of parties and witnesses involved
b) No admitting liability or guilt.
c) Not abandoning said vehicle without adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing it.
d) Calling nearest lessor's station by telephone, further giving a detailed report in writing including diagram to the lessor the soonest possible.
e) Notifying the police immediately in order to ascertain any other party's guilt and to take care of injured people if any.

8. If renter will demand the offered by the lessor, covering the driver and passengers of the said vehicle and will accept the respective additional charge as evidenced by his initials in the respective space overleaf, he will be covered by
the terms and conditions and for the amounts specified in the applicable insurance Policy. A copy of which is available for inspection by the renter at the headquarter office of the lessor.

9. The renter hereby releases the lessor of and from any liability for loss or damage to any property left stored or transported by renter or any other person in or upon vehicle during this rental or after return of the vehicle to lessor. Renter further agrees to hold lessor harmless and to defend lessor against all claims and costs, which come out of such loss or damage.

10. The lessor, whilst taking all precautions and using his best efforts to prevent any mechanical failure of the said vehicle, is not liable for any mechanical failure or consequential damage of the renter.

11. Additions or alterations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon writing.

12. This agreement is construed in accordance with and will be governed by the laws of Greece.

13. In case of any difference between the contracted parties resulting of this agreement, Athens Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

14. The renter consents and agrees that he shall be bound by these terms and conditions in relation to any extension of the rental period agreed by the lessor or in respect. Of any substitute vehicle rented in lieu of the said vehicle.

15. The Greek version of the general conditions is the only relevant. It is hereby also agreed that the lessor reserves the right to collect or take the rented cat back, wherever it may be, in case:
      a) Of termination or cease of the present Rental Agreement.
      b) The renter of his employees violate any of the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement and specifically the terms and conditions v/hich concern the use of the rented car.

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